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“FINOCCHIONA” PGI FENNEL SALAMI (3-4 kg / 6.6-8.8 lb)

One of the great Tuscan charcuterie products was certified as a PGI product in 2015 by the EU. This product is stuffed in a natural casing, prepared according to the traditional Tuscan recipe, and follows the regulation that requires the use of fresh meat and natural materials. An authentic Made in Tuscany product offered in a large variety of 3-4 kg. Salumificio Gerini, the founding member of Consorzio della Finocchiona PGI, worked hard to achieve this prestigious certification in the last few years. The top star in this product is the fennel which creates a unique and aromatic taste. The origin of this kind of salami dates back to when Tuscan innkeepers tried to hide possible flaws in wine or bad food by adding extra fennel to cover the taste. The pungent aroma of fennel seeds masks all any unpleasant tastes or flavors. Another interesting fact is that since the PGI regulation requires the use of natural fibers to bind Finocchiona PGI pieces, Gerini chose a distinct red cotton thread since it is one of the colors of both Gerini’s brand and the city of Florence.


1460 Kj. / 352 Kcal.


29.75 g.


2 g.

Saturated fat

13.56 g.


2 g.


3.9 g.


20.2 g.

Suggested use

Serve sliced or diced with rustic Tuscan bread. Perfect as an "antipasto" (starter) or to use in pasta dishes and main courses.

Storage conditions

Keep in a cool and dry place under 14°C (57°F).
Weight (Kg)



Length 50 cm (19.68 in.). Slice diameter 120 cm (0.78 in.)



DMD (days)


Available also

Whole vacuum-packed and half vacuum-packed. Good for up to 120 days.