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The heart of our tradition
From careful farming to our thorough manufacturing process
Each salami tells a story
The secrets, recipes, and the centuries-old bond with Tuscan tradition
The authenticity

Meats & Cold Cuts since 1882

The real passion of a Tuscan family.
The best of a tradition that is more than 300 years old

Certified quality

The story of a product and its quality is essential. However, certifications make everything objective. For this reason, we have invested in processes and systems that certify the quality of our meats and cold cuts.

At the origins of the Gerini story

From a small butcher shop in the heart of Tuscany to a company with two branches and a large farm, we kept the same careful attention to the quality of products and manufacturing processes. Our story is linked to the territory; our valuable family tradition is still our most precious asset.

The charcuterie

Each salami is made following a precise recipe, developed throughout the years, and is kept as a precious company treasure. The great classics – like the PDO ham and PGI finocchiona – and cold cuts such as wild boar salami and the famous Tuscan ‘sbriciolona’. With a world of flavors waiting to be discovered and a taste better than words can describe, the charcuterie indeed shows the best we have to offer.

The meat

The origin and the heart of our production. The quality of meat, as well as the process of slaughtering and aging, are at the core of our production. A process that starts with the selection of livestock and ends with the best butchery techniques. All of which enhance the unique characteristics of the meat.

La storia di ogni alimento è la storia delle mani che lo hanno curato e lavorato

Quelle stesse mani racchiudono i segreti che rendono quell’alimento unico, genuino e inimitabile.