A vocation for good things.

Salumificio Gerini began in the XVIII century at a butcher shop and slaughterhouse located in the old town center of Pontassieve. In the heart of Tuscany, just a few miles from Florence, this story has been passed down from generation to generation. The butcher shop is owned by our family to this day. It is still a reference point for the community since it was the only slaughterhouse in town until the beginning of the 20th century. The transition from a small butcher shop to the large company it is today took place in the early 1960s, thanks to Fernando Gerini – our father. He had the vision to grow the family business. Being a pioneer of this new business model in the food industry, Gerini built one of the first facilities in the industrial area of Pontassieve. The original unit of our company still stands today.

The company has two complementary souls, cold cuts and fresh meat, each developed in a dynamic and flexible facility.
The branch that deals with fresh meat follows the product from selection (a fundamental phase) to purchase, manufacturing and commercialization. The other department of the company is involved in producing cured meat cuts. We use only natural, local and fresh spices and aromas like the wild fennel from our “Podere” (country farm), fresh parsley, lemon zest, and garlic.

An essential component in our way of working that we have cultivated throughout the years and that today makes us unique on the market is our customized service for every client. We combine our modern and efficient food company with the artisanal tradition from a centuries-old experience built in a small butcher shop. We always offer a direct relationship that is customized, fast, and of high quality to all our customers.

Salumificio Gerini processes two and a half million kilograms of meat every year and produces about five hundred thousand kilograms of cured products. We also handle over fifteen thousand prosciuttos (matured ham leg). 75% of the company’s sales come from the fresh meat market, while 25% is from cured meats.
Some of our top products are the “soprassata,” a traditional Tuscan salami made from various pig parts invented in the 1700s, the “finocchiona” or fennel salami that was recently PGI certified, the “gota stagionata” (cured pork cheek), the salami, and of course the “prosciutto” (cured ham) which is known as the king of all cured meats.

The Tuscan Prosciutto PDO is born and cured in Pontassieve, while the Norcia Prosciutto PGI is cured near Norcia (Umbria) in a partner facility located in Todiano di Preci. Our special bond with Norcia started when the famous “norcini” butchers from Norcia arrived in Pontassieve. These great experts in pork processing changed history in our very own butcher shop.

Certified quality
and valorization
of rare breeds.

Today, our flexible and well-structured company has all-female management, with Antonella and Alessandra Gerini at the front lines.
The customers of our Salumificio can be classified into three macro-categories. Each one has its own peculiar needs: our local butcher shops, communal catering, which allows us to work internationally with larger entities, and the conventional restaurant industry, the newest market we are expanding our presence in.

Our expansion strategy can be summarized in two words: “neighboring” and “global”. Florence and Tuscany are our first targeted areas, whereas we gradually expanded to an international scale. Today, Salumificio Gerini exports its products to the UK, Germany, France, Estonia, Poland, and Vietnam.
Recently, we have enlarged our manufacturing plant with a new three-story wing intended to house the processing of local breeds and an area for training courses.

Today, we are very proud to see that our sausages are some of the best products sold in Florentine “food boutiques” and that our cured meats are showcased in the most glamorous restaurants and Italian delis. Celebrity chefs also choose our finest meat cuts for their top dishes.
We are proud to keep the legacy of our family alive.

“Working with high-quality products is not only an essential condition to be competitive on the market. Since our products bear the name of our family, keeping the quality high is also a great responsibility toward our legacy.”

Antonella and Alessandra Gerini